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Latest articles:

Is Hostgator’s CodeGuard addon worth it? (Site backup: Daily Website Backups to the Cloud)

CodeGuard (www.codeguard.com) is a service that makes daily backups of your website to the cloud. They have partnered with Hostgator to provide their services to their customers at a discount. When signing up for Hostgator, this addon option is selected by default: But is it worth it? Whether it’s worth it depends. If you’re building a simple WordPress website, you… Read More »

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How to automatically backup your WordPress website to Dropbox

When it comes to backing up your WordPress website, there a lot of options. You can use a paid service like CodeGuard, use an option in cPanel to make a backup, or use one of the many available WordPress plugins. I used CodeGuard for a year, because it came as a recommended ‘Additional service’ with my Hostgator web hosting… Read More »


How to use a custom domain name on your Blogger.com blog

Blogger.com is really overlooked as a way to build a professional website or a blog. If you know how to use blogger.com, you can build a very professional website with it. If you use a custom template and your own domain name, most people won’t even recognize you’re using blogger.com. Doing just that, would be my second choice after using a self-hosted WordPress website.… Read More »


How to set up a WordPress website using Hostgator: a step-by-step beginner’s guide

This guide will show you how to get a domain name, web hosting, and get your WordPress website online. All of that, done properly. To do this, we’re going to use Namecheap for a domain name, and Hostgator for web hosting. By following this guide step-by-step, you’ll avoid making typical beginners mistakes, as well as save money on… Read More »


How to build your own, private, URL shortener

I recently made my own URL shortener on a custom domain name. Here’s how, and why, I did it. Why use a URL (link) shortener? To make your links shorter, and not as ugly as the full link. On a lot of social media platforms, you can’t add links as HTML, so you’ll have to use the entire link. When… Read More »

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How to start an affiliate marketing business for free

When researching how to make money online, affiliate marketing is one option that will always pop up. Using affiliate marketing by itself is completely free; you don’t have to buy any stock, like with Ecommerce. However, there are some costs that involved if you want to affiliate marketing on a website on it’s own domain. To avoid any costs at… Read More »