About IMstartpage

Internet Marketing Start Page is a website intended to be used as a start page by Internet Marketers. It can be considered as a small, manually edited web directory that lists (in my opinion) the best websites, tools and services.
Apart from the start page, IMstartpage has a few tools of it’s own, as well as a lot of articles. There are how-to’s to help other Internet Marketers out, and a blog, which covers everyting else.

How do I set the IM Start Page as my start page or home page?

You can make the best use of IM Start Page by being able to reach it quickly. You can either bookmark this page, set is as your home page and/or start page. How to do this, depends on the browser you’re using. Click on your browser below for the exact steps.

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About me

Hi, I’m Guido. I’m a student, and a relatively new internet marketer from the Netherlands. I started building websites early 2014 (not counting my GeoCities website from back in 2004), and I currently own 6 websites that I work on regularly. Recently, I’ve started seeing results that convinced me of online business. Now, I am working towards making it a full-time career. I don’t consider myself an ‘expert’, but I’m constantly learning and improving my skills. In my articles here, I share what I have learned and experienced the best way I can. I’ll also occasionally blog about my own experiences as an internet marketer.

At first, I built this website to make things easier for myself, to be able to quickly reach the sites I have listed on the startpage. I visit most of the sites on the startpage frequently, and noticed that I was spending too much time trying to remember where I could find what. Personally, I have this page set as my start page and hompepage on the PC account that I use for working on my websites. Now everything I need is a maximum of two clicks away. I started to share this site with other IM’ers, who really liked the idea, so I decided to keep working on this site. Right now, I’m working towards writing articles on everything I’m linking to on the startpage, and more, with the goal to make this site a great resource for online marketers.


If you have any link suggestions or other feedback for the startpage, please post them here. For general questions about Internet Marketing, ask them here.

You can also contact me using social media:

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I also have a Dutch version of this website: website opzetten.