How to add a Google Plus follow button to WordPress

By | February 23, 2015

Go to From here you’ll be able to generate the script to add to your website.

Making the Google Plus follow button

On this page you’ll see the following:



Google+ user: By default, the automatically generated Google+ page for your email account is used. If you want to use another page, select ‘Other’, and paste the entire link to your Google+ page here.
As an example of what this link looks like, mine is

Button size: Here you can select the size of your button; small, medium, or large. If you’re also using a Facebook page like button (intructions here), go with ‘Medium’, so both buttons are the same size, namely 20 pixels.


Small (15px), medium (20px), and large (24px) Google+ follow button sizes

Annotation: Here you can choose whether you want your button to show a text bubble that indicates how many followers your page has. I’d generally advice to do so, as this is social proof, and will lead to more followers if you already have a decent amount of followers.

There are three types of Google plus follow buttons you can pick; Bubble (horizontal), which is the default, Bubble (vertical), or none.


Google Plus follow button annotations; bubble (horizontal), bubble (vertical), and none.

A preview of the button, as well as the code, will be automatically generated on the right side of the page.

Adding the button to your WordPress website

Adding the google apis javascript

Copy the first part of the code; see the picture below.


Now, go to WordPress, click ‘Appearance’, ‘Editor’, then open the ‘header.php’ in the Templates sidebar. In the header file, scroll down, and paste the code just before the ‘</header>’ tag.

Then, click ‘Update File’ to save the changes.



Adding the button code

Copy the second part of the code.


You can add the Google plus follow button anywhere you can add HTML. In my example, I’m going to add the follow button to the sidebar.

Go to your WordPress website, and click ‘Appearance’, then ‘Customize’. You can add HTML code to a ‘Text’ widget.

In this text box, paste the second part of your code. Now click ‘Save & Publish’.


Done! In my case, the result looks like this:



Get the Google Plus follow button code:

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