How to add a Pinterest follow button to your WordPress website

By | March 2, 2015

Go to this page on Pinterest. On this page you can make a follow button to add to your WordPress website.

Full video instructions:

Making the Pinterest follow button

On this page you’ll see four different buttons you can add to your website. Choose the second one; the follow button.


Button options

From all social media buttons, the Pinterest button gives you the least options.

Pinterest User URL:

Add the full  link to your Pinterest profile in the textbox here.

Full name:

The intention is for you to add your page name here. In my case that would be ‘IMstartpage’. However, whatever you enter here, will be displayed on your button. To go with the other social buttons, I like using the text ‘Follow’ instead. This also tells the visitors to your website what the button is for.

Build It!

When you’ve added your Pinterest User URL and Full Name, click the ‘Build it’ button to generate the code for your Pinterest follow button. Once you have clicked the button, a preview of your follow button will show up, as well as the code that you need to add to your site to implement the button.


Adding the button to your WordPress website

Copy your Pinterest follow button code.


In my example, I’m going to add the Pinterst Follow button to the sidebar.

In WordPress, click ‘Appearance’, then ‘Customize’. Choose a ‘Text’ widget to be able to add HTML.

Paste your copied code to the text box, and click ‘Save & Publish’.


Done! In my case, the result looks like this:


When you click on the button, a window will pop up that displays a preview of your account, with eight of your latest pins. The visitor then needs to click the red button to follow your Pinterest account.



Get the button code: Pinterest Follow Button

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