How to change your Facebook page link (2015)

By | April 29, 2015

The first ever Facebook page I created, was one for my Youtube channel. I recently changed the name of the channel, so I had to go through changing the name of all the social media profiles as well.

To change your Facebook page URL, go to your Facebook page, and click ‘About’.


On the About-tab, hover over the line that says ‘Facebook Web Address’, and click ‘Edit’ on the right side.


Now, click ‘Change web address’.


You’ll now be taken to another page. The page you want to change should already be selected in the the dropdown menu labeled ‘Page:’.

Now, simply change your page address in the text box labeled ‘Facebook Web Address:’. I change mine to
When you have entered the new URL, click ‘Check Availability’.


If the username is available, a pop-up will appear. It warns you that you can only change your page link ONCE! So be sure you’re picking the name you want to use forever (if you’re not sure you’re using a good brand name; here are some tips). Also, read the other, for most people, less important warnings. If you’re sure you want to change your URL after reading all the warnings, click ‘Confirm’.


Once you’ve clicked ‘Confirm’, you’ll see another pop-up that indicates your username has successfully been changed.


Done! Your Facebook page link has been changed.


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