Color Code Conversion Tool: RGB ↔ Hex ↔ CMYK

How to use the color code converter

Simply enter the color code in either Hex, RGB, or CMYK, and the calculator will automatically give the values of the other two formats. Alternatively, use the sliders by clicking and dragging them. The background of the calculator will automatically change color according to the color code you’ve entered, to give you a preview of the color.


Hex (hexadecimal) colors are used in HTML, so this is often what you are trying to calculate. A hex color code consists of a hashtag (#), followed by 6 digits. It’s a hexadecimal representation of how much red, green and blue there is in the color. The first two digits specify how much red there is, the third and fourth digit specify green, and the last two specify blue. Example: #000044, which is one of the colors I’m using on this site, has no red, no green, and a little blue; which results in a very dark shade of blue.


The RGB color model also specifies how much Red, Green and Blue there is in a color, but uses a range from 0 (none) to 255 (max). This color model is what most software uses, and you’re proabably familiar with if you’re using MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or Paint. For instance, the RGB color code for the hex color code #000044, is RGB(0,0,68).


CMYK is a four color model, used for instance by printers. It expresses a color in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and ‘Key‘ (black), each ranging on a scale from 0-100. The example RGB(0,0,68) color makes CYMK(100,100,0,0), as an equal mix of Cyan and Magenta make blue.


For an example of using Hex color codes to edit the look of your theme, read this article.

More information on color codes:

Wikipedia on Web colors (Hex)
Wikipedia on the RGB color model
Wikipedia on the CMYK color model


10 thoughts on “Color Code Conversion Tool: RGB ↔ Hex ↔ CMYK

  1. Dan

    Nice, I’ve been looking for an easy way to convert my RGB to a Hex value. I play a lot with programing from website’s to games and it’s just a pain to convert this by hand. I know there are other methods to do this out there but this one seems pretty bang on and it’s extremely easy to use. This is definitely saved to my favorites folder “Programing tools” I’ve never worked with CMYK, is there an advantage to this over Hex and RGB?

  2. Dave

    These looks like a really useful tool. I can see how a color code converter can come in handy for site owners and webmasters that need to work with exact color schemes when dealing with specific brand designs. Business are picky about their brand colors…gotta be exact!

    1. GuidoGuido Post author

      Exactly! And because Microsoft Office only shows RGB codes, this often comes in handy.

  3. Nate

    Hey – this is a great tool – I always search google to get my color code conversions – and what I find usually just done one or the other. Bookmarked this page and will be much easier and quicker now. Cheers!

  4. Sarah

    This. Is. Brilliant!
    Now I just need to learn how to change colours in my background on my blog, but a little scared to start fiddling around with the code. Love this, can decide whatever colour I want, and then put that code into the HTML for my site. Thanks for the link! Sarah

    1. GuidoGuido Post author

      Thanks Sarah! I have an article with an example of how to change colors in your blog in this article. I’ll soon follow up with an article that goes into how to customize any part of any WP theme. If you need any help, let me know.

  5. bryan

    This s cool, i have recently been messing with the color schemes of my website and logo. And wow it was pain to try to convert these. A good color conversion tool can come in handy. The tool itself seems pretty easy to use also. i like it and thank you for the point in the right direction and saving a lot of time


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