Convert a WordPress Page to a Post and vice versa

By | April 17, 2015


There is a lot of confusion on what the difference between posts and pages are on your WordPress website. This causes a lot of new WordPress users to start out using them incorrectly, and looking to convert from the one to the other. In this article I’ll go into how to do this.

But first, let me point out the differences between posts and pages again:


Posts show up in a ‘blogroll’, a feed with the latest post on top. A post will show the post author, and the publishing date. Posts are organized in archives by year and month. Another option is to navigate posts is using Categories and Tags.

Example use: Blog posts, News articles, Reports of any kind, interviews, anything written by a specific author that needs mention.


Does not show up in a blogroll, and is automatically added to the menu. Is best used for ‘static’, non-timely information. Pages can be hierarchical. For instance:

Example use: Homepage, About-page, Contact page, Privacy Policy, Landing page, Squeeze page, Business hours page, Price list, Restaurant menu, etc.

Converting a Page to a post and vice versa

Video tutorial:


Go to WordPress, and click ‘Plugins’, and then ‘Add New’.


We’re going to install a plugin called Vice Versa by Jason Lau. Click the search bar and type in ‘vice versa’, and hit ‘Enter’. Click ‘Install Now’ on the Vice Versa plugin.


Click ‘Activate’ to activate the plugin.


You can now access the plugin by clicking ‘Tools’, then ‘Vice Versa’.


To convert a Page to a Post, click the ‘Page To Post’ button. A list of all your current pages will show up. Check the checkbox in front of all the pages you want to convert to posts. Now, click the dropdown menu, and select ‘Convert’. Finally, click ‘Apply’. You can also choose a Category you want to add the page to once it’s converted to a post, by using the drop-down menu in the ‘Assign To’ column.


Done! Your page is now a post!

Before: After:
before-page-2 after-post-2

To convert a post to a page, use the ‘Post To Page’ button.

When you’re done converting pages or posts, you can uninstall the plugin.

2 thoughts on “Convert a WordPress Page to a Post and vice versa

  1. Sarah

    Can’t you just copy and paste all the content from one to the other, and then delete the previous? Would that be easier than installing a plugin?

    1. GuidoGuido Post author

      You can, but that would possibly be even more work, especially if you need to convert multiple pages. Apart from that, you’ll lose all the comments, and have to change the URL to the article if you’re copying the content. Using this plugin is a much better option in most cases.


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