Is Hostgator’s CodeGuard addon worth it? (Site backup: Daily Website Backups to the Cloud)

By | December 17, 2015

CodeGuard ( is a service that makes daily backups of your website to the cloud. They have partnered with Hostgator to provide their services to their customers at a discount. When signing up for Hostgator, this addon option is selected by default:


But is it worth it?

Whether it’s worth it depends. If you’re building a simple WordPress website, you probably don’t; there are free plugins available that will backup your daily. Also, you can always enable CodeGuard later, at the the exact same rate it’s offered when signing up with Hostgator for the first time.

Personally, I’m not using Codeguard anymore, but switched to using a WordPress plugin instead, as this is completely free. The pluging I’m using is called ‘WordPress backup to Dropbox’, and you can see me set it up here.

What does Codeguard offer?

The CodeGuard service offers the following:

  • Daily automatic cloud backups of your website – actually stores all seperate days, and allows you to restore to any of them if you go for the professional, premium, or enterprise packages.
  • Restore your website from any of the daily backups
  • Easy restore
  • Automatic alerts when large changes happen to your website (which could indicate a hacker is defacing it).

How does it work?

CodeGuard is easy to use.

First you’ll have to create an account, and log in. If you’re new, you’ll have to add your website to your CodeGuard account, by using your FTP credentials (which you’ll get when adding a domain to cPanel). Once added, CodeGuard has access to your website files, which means it can now access them to copy them to their servers; making backups. It also uses this connection to do hourly scans of your website files, to make sure there is no malware present. If there is, it’ll notify you.

Here is a video that shows you exactly how CodeGuard works:

What are the pro’s and cons?

To sum things up, here are the Pro’s and Con’s of using CodeGuard:


  • Daily backups that you can restore from
  • Alerts with large changes to your website
  • Easiest way to restore your website
  • User-friendly interface


  • Charges you $19,95 per year through Hostgator, or $60 for a seperate account, for a service that can be done for free.
  • Price goes up with more than 1 website. See the full pricing table.

So, do you need it?

The Hostgator’s CodeGuard addon might be worth it if:

  • You’re using something other than WordPress, that has no free backup plugins
  • You want to have a complete backup of your site for every day in history.
  • You want the easiest way to restore your website if you have to.
  • You’re building a website that is at high risk of getting hacked or attacked.
  • You don’t care about saving money.

So for anyone just setting up a blog or their first WordPress website; no, don’t get CodeGuard, it’s a waste of money. Instead, follow my simple instructions to make daily cloud backups for free. If you want to enable CodeGuard later, you can do so at the exact same price as was offered when first signing up.

You can find the option to add Codeguard in your cPanel after signing up:

Hostgator Codeguard site backup

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One thought on “Is Hostgator’s CodeGuard addon worth it? (Site backup: Daily Website Backups to the Cloud)

  1. Desiree

    I have CodeGuard, we’ve had it for years. Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever needed to use this service. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY! In restoring a backup, I received an error. Hostgator was not able to help and directed me to CodeGuard’s customer service. Are you ready for this one? Their customer service is an answering service! Yup, you heard that right, an answering service. They can’t help at all. They can pass a message onto CodeGuard to get back to you on your issue with no estimated timeline to expect a response. Two days later, and two phone calls and STILL no reply from CodeGuard! On my last call, I asked the answering service when I could expect a response. They said they couldn’t give a time frame. I was shocked! I asked if it could be as long as a week or a month before anyone got back to me, she said she couldn’t say.



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