How to install the Hostgator Sitelock Trust Seal

By | March 1, 2015


If you’re reading this article because you’re wondering whether Sitelock is worth it, or what it is, see this article. This how-to article will show how to install the SiteLock Trust Seal to your site once you’ve purchased this service.

Accessing SiteLock

Login to your Hostgator cPanel, and click on the SiteLock logo.


You’ll be taken to a list with all of your domains on your HostGator hosting account. Navigate to the site you have purchased SiteLock for, and click ‘Access Sitelock’.


You’ll be redirected to your Sitelock dashboard. Here, scroll down completely, and click the green button next to the text ‘Deploy SiteLock Trust Seal’


Trust Seal options

On the next screen, you can select some some options for your SiteLock trust Seal. On the right, there is a preview of what the trust seal will look like with your current options.


Step 1 – Choose language

You can choose from 10 different languages to display on your trust seal. If you want another language than the default English, click on the dropdown menu, and select another language.

Step 2 – Choose color, size and style

Choose the size by clicking on the dropdown menu, and selecting a size. You can choose between small, medium and big.


Small, Medium, and Big Trust Seals

For color, you can only choose between red and white. Click the dropdown menu to select a color.


Red (default) and White color

The last option lets you pick between the text ‘Secure’ or the text ‘Malware-free’ on the seal, using the dropdown menu. I’d prefer using ‘Secure’, as ‘Malware-free’ might suggest there is risk for your site to be infected. The word ‘Malware’ just has too much of a negative connotation.


Secure and Malware-Free

Step 3 – Install SiteLock Trust seal

Select ‘I want to install the trust seal on my website. Show me the code‘ to show the button code to add it to your website.

There is a checkbox labeled ‘Float my trust seal in the bottom right corner of my website.‘ to make the button float in the bottom right corner of your website, and stay there when the visitor to your site scrolls up or down. More on how to install the seal to your (WordPress) website later in this article.

Step 4 – Displaying contact info.

This changes the info the visitor sees when clicking your Trust Seal. You can choose to display your contact info (default), or to not show your contact information.

Note that this doesn’t change the code for your seal, but only changes the information that is shown once someone clicks on the seal.

Installing the Trust Seal

In this example, I’m going to install the Trust Seal in the footer of a WordPress website. This is just one of the many places where you can add the Trust Seal. You can actually place it anywhere you add code.

Copy the code from Step 3.


Now go to your WordPress dashboard, click ‘Appearance’, and then ‘Customize’.


Here, click ‘Footer’, and paste your code in the custom footer text area. Now click ‘Save & Publish’ to save your footer.


Done! The trust seal is installed.

The result

The installed trust seal in the footer looks like this:


When you click on the Trust seal, a pop-up screen shows up, which looks like this:



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