Quickly open multiple sites with a batch file (Practical Productivity tip #1)

By | February 22, 2015

As an internet marketer, you’ll find yourself repeatedly visiting specific websites. For example, all the affiliate programs you’re enrolled into, to check to see if you have made sales, and how many of them.

I am enrolled in a dozen or so different programs, which I like to check on daily. Now, instead of typing them all in, or even using the startpage, there is a faster way to do this: by using a batch file.

A batch file is a simple script on Windows that executes multiple (a batch of) commands that you write in the script. In this example, I’m going to use commands to open up all the URL’s for the affiliate programs I check daily at once.

Making the batch file

First of, you’ll have to create a .txt document, using Notepad. A fast way to do this usually is by right-clicking the desktop, hovering over ‘New’, and then clicking ‘Text document’.


You’ll then have to name your text document. I name my Text Document ‘Check affiliate programs’.

Start your text document by writing ‘@echo off‘. This will prevent cmd.exe, which will execute the commands from showing the commands when executed.


Now, for example, if I want this batch file to open the Amazon Associates page, write:

start chrome “https://affiliate-program.amazon.com

Use this same command to add  for all the sites you want to open at once.


Once you’re done, save the file and close it.

Now we’re going to turn this text file into a batch file.

Make sure Windows is set to show file extensions. If it’s not, see this short instructional video on how to show file extensions.

Now, right click your text file, anc click ‘rename‘, and change the file extention to .bat, and hit enter.


A popup will warn you the file might become unusable. In this case, it doesn’t. As a matter of fact, it’ll become useful. Click ‘Yes’ to change your file extension.so just


You now have a batch file!


Simply doubleclick your batch file and all your affiliate program sites will open at once! This will save you a bit of time, and some annoyance, every time you want to check on your affiliate programs!

Sample code

@echo off

start chrome “https://affiliate-program.amazon.com”
start chrome “https://publisher.ebaypartnernetwork.com”
start chrome “https://accounts.clickbank.com”
start chrome “http://www.cj.com/”
start chrome “https://www.tradetracker.com/”
start chrome “http://www.zanox.com/”


http://ss64.com/nt/ – Full list of batch commands
Instructional videos on batch files – Other things you can do with batch files


2 thoughts on “Quickly open multiple sites with a batch file (Practical Productivity tip #1)

  1. Danny

    Wow this is truly awesome. I’m definitely going to make my own batch file to open all of my affiliate programs too. This will save me so much time. Thanks for the info!


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