Review: “YouTube: How I Make $2000 A Month On YouTube – And No Filming” – Udemy course by Alun Hill

I bought this Udemy course a couple of months ago, because I’m into YouTube myself (my channel), and wanted to improve my results. This is one of the courses that came up a lot while looking for more information. While it’s usually listed for $299, I snatched this course for $10; a huge discount.

Here are the full details to this course:

Name: YOUTUBE: How I Make $2000 A Month On YouTube – And No Filming aka YouTube Secretsudemy-logo2
Course instructor: Alun Hill
My rating: 7/10
Price: $10-$299 (used to be $560)
Recommended? Yes, but only at $10.

Quick overview; Pro’s and con’s:

Here are the main factors that got me to the 7/10 rating.


  • Complete course on using YouTube to make money with Adsense
  • Great, detailed advice on getting more views more on Youtube, and growing your channel.
  • Keeps getting updated; has more content now than when I originally bought it. Last update was just last month (July 2015).


  • No actual secrets, overhyped.
  • Overpriced. $299? No thanks. Only get this course if available at a ridiculous discount, like $10.
  • No information on how to use YouTube for other purposes (driving traffic to your website, promoting affiliate offers, etc).

What’s included?

This Udemy course shows you how to make YouTube videos without filming, and goes into great detail on every aspect of optimizing your YouTube channel and videos to get the most views possible. The course contains 6 hours of video content, Overall the course includes 81 ‘lectures’; pieces of content. Most of them are videos, and some of them are text files. One of the text files is a large document with a lot of niche ideas you can use for your YouTube channel using his method.

All of the content in this couse is divided into 16 sections. For the full overview of these sections, click here to visit  the course page.

Does it work?

I haven’t gone though with this method, so I’ll judge this using my knowledge and experience with YouTube and Adsense.

The ‘secret’

The big ‘trick’ to no filming is using YouTube’s content library to get copyright-free videos, and monetize them with Adsense. Alun Hill states most people don’t know about this. To me, this is not a secret, at all. What I didn’t know is how large this library actually is, and that there is enough content to build a complete channel on this material alone. You can access this video library by going to and clicking ‘CC’. You can then use those videos as-is, or edit them.

Overall, I’m certain that, yes, you can get up to $2000 a month by just using these copyright-free videos. However, it doesn’t live up to the ‘hype’. As with everything, you’ll really have to commit to it. On YouTube, everything is REALLY slow when you’re just getting started; there will be days where you’re getting 0 views. My estimate is that you need to upload about 1000 videos using this method, spread out over at least a year’s time. IF you do everything right (SEO, thumbnails, etc), that should be enough to reach the amount of views to make $2000 a month, doing everything right (SEO, thumbnails, etc).

No filming ≠ no work!

Using copyright free videos doesn’t mean there is no work involved. From my experience, when making a 2-3 minute long video for YouTube, about half the time is spent on recording and editing. The other half is uploading, writing a description, adding tags, annotations, making the thumbnail, sharing it on social media, etc. You still need to do all of this when not filming yourself. So, ‘No filming’ doesn’t mean there is no work involved, you’re just doing less work. Expect to still spend about an hour of work per video if you want to do this right.


Another potential problem is that you will get copyright strikes from YouTube when using their own CC material. I know, getting copyright strikes from YouTube while you’re using their own CC material, ridiculous right? I’ve had this happen when I used some of their ‘free-to-use’ music, and got a content-ID-claim. You can get rid of these by filing a dispute, and simply stating you got it from the YouTube content library. This entire process is annoying though. When you get up to 1000 videos with non-original content, you’ll probably have to go through this process A LOT. How to go about copyright issues is actually addressed in the course, which is nice.

So, why is this course recommend?

The actual value in this course isn’t in the method Alun Hill used to get to over $2000 a month, but in what the course teaches you about optimizing your videos to get more views. What you’re being taught about optimizing your videos and channel to get more views is all good, solid advice, that can be used for any kind of YouTube channel.

Here’s how to get this Udemy course for $10

The trick to getting this, and other Udemy courses for almost no money, is to just register an account and receive their newsletter. Sooner or later they’ll offer the course of your choice for only $10. They have a sale for $10 courses, usually lasting a couple of days, about every month:


So if you’re not in a hurry, just be patient for a while, and you can save a couple hunderd dollars on your course of choice.


Overall, this is a solid course, and I’d recommend it to anyone that has a YouTube channel and is looking to grow it. The tips and tricks on optimizing your YouTube channel and videos simply work. Just don’t pay $299 for it; it’s not worth that much. Get it for $10 if possible. Don’t believe the hype or expect to learn any real secrets though.

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    Hi Guido, I must say that it sounds very interesting and really worth looking into. I’ll check it out in more detail. :)


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