How to set up a free blog at

By | January 29, 2015

Registering an account

Go to, and click ‘Create Website’.

You’ll be taken to step one of the signup process. Pick your blog name, type it in the bar, and click ‘Create your Blog and Continue’.


In step 2, you have to enter your Email address, Username, and Password. Enter those details, and click ‘Next step’ to go to step 3.


In step 3, you’ll be given the option to find a custom address. Because this is a guide on creating a free blog, you’ll have to skip this step, by pressing the tiny link that says ‘No thanks’ at the bottom of the page.


In step 4, you can select a theme for your website. A theme defines the look of your WordPress blog. Don’t worry too much about picking the correct theme, you can always change this later. Select a theme and click ‘Next step’.


In step 5 of the signup process, select the ‘Beginner’ plan, which is completely free.


Your blog will now be generated, and you’ll be taken to your account-page. You can create pages and posts directly from here, or switch to the full WordPress Dashboard for your blog by clicking ‘WP Admin’ in the sidebar on the left. A single account can have multiple blogs. Click ‘Add new wordpress’ if you want to create another WordPress blog using your same account.


What your blog’s full back-end (dashboard) looks like when you click “WP Admin”:


If you have experience running websites with the WordPress CMS on your own domains, this is probably the dashboard you’re familiar with.

Activating your account

Once registered, you’ll receive an activation e-mail:


Open the e-mail, and click ‘Activate Account’. Once activated, you’ll see the confirmation message below:


You can now start writing posts (and pages) to your blog!

Writing and Publishing a post

From your account page, click “Add” next to “Blog Posts”. You’ll now be taken to the post editor.


Add a title for your blog post in the bar, and the text for your blog post in the large text box. When you’re done writing, click “Publish to [yourblog]”. Once published, a bar shows up:


Click “View Post” to view the post you’ve just published.

How it looks

How your site looks depends on your theme. An example of what your blog post on your blog might look like (using the default Twenty Fourteen theme):


Sadly, there’s a catch. If you’re running a free blog, WordPress might display ads on your blog, for their profit. Want a free WordPress blog that doesn’t show 3rd party ads? Try Site Rubix instead.