Setting up a free WordPress website using Site Rubix

By | February 11, 2015



What is Site Rubix?

Site Rubix is a service that allows you quickly to set up a free WordPress website.

For a complete Video tutorial, see this article: Complete Step-by-step guide to building a Free WordPress Website.

Checking (sub)domain availability

Go to, and enter your desired domain name. As this is a free service, and registering domain names costs money, your website will be a subdomain of This page will automatically check if the domain is available, and display either ‘Available!’ if it’s available, or ‘Unavailable, Choose Another’ when it’s not. When you’ve found a subdomain you’d like to use, that is available, click the large blue button that says ‘Build My Free Website’.


You can also use this widget:

Creating an account

You’ll now be asked to create an account at Wealthy Affiliate, the larger company that Site Rubix is a part of.

Enter your:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Username. Note that your username is not the same as the domain you’re trying to register.

Once you’ve entered all of your signup details, click ‘Create Account & Continue’.


Building your website

You’ll be taken to the last page of the website creation process.

Step 1

In step one, choose ‘A free website’, and enter your domain address again.


Step 2

In step two, enter the name of your website. This will show up in the tab of your browser and as the title of your website. Here, you can actually write your domain name, so for instance, instead of ‘joeswebsite’, you can write ‘Joe’s Website’. You can also pick something completely different, so if Joe’s website is mainly going to be about movie reviews, he can also pick ‘Joe’s movie reviews’. Don’t worry about this step too much, as you’ll be able to change this later on.


Step 3

In step 3, you’ll choose a look for your website. This means you’re picking a WordPress Theme. You can click ‘Demo’ to see a demo of how the theme looks, and ‘Details’ for more details on the theme. Just go with whatever look you like best. You’ll be able to change this later.


Step 4

Step 4 is the last step of setting up your Site Rubix website! Simply click ‘I’m Ready, Build My Website Now!’, to have Site Rubix build your website.


When Site Rubix is building your website, you’ll see small box appear on the screen, indicating your website is being built. This will usually last less than a minute.


Accessing your Site Rubix website

Once your website is build, you’ll see a screen with your website details. This shows your website’s password, and has a ‘Log me In!’ button. Simply click the ‘Log Me In’ button and you’ll be taken to your free Site Rubix WordPress website!


Done! You’re now at the back-end of your WordPress website. Here you’ll be able to build out your site with content.


There is no e-mail confirmation to go through to start your website!

Once you’ve got your website set up, you’ll be able to access it by directly going to your login screen. In the example of Joe’s website, you’ll have to go to to log in to your website. Here you’ll have to enter the automatically generated username, which always is ‘Admin’, and the automatically generated password. On this screen, you’ll be able to check the checkbox in front of ‘Remember Me’, so you don’t have to log in every time you’re going to work on your website.


That’s it! If you need more information on getting started with WordPress, you can now also access the free training at Wealthy Affiliate, which walks you through building your WordPress website step-by-step.


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