Use a different PC account (Practical Productivity tip #2)

By | March 8, 2015

If you’re an internet marketer, chances are you work from home, and use your personal computer or laptop for work. This is probably also the same computer you use for all your personal things.

The same goes for me, but I started using different PC accounts for every different website I work on. This has three distinct advantages.

Social media and mail accounts

By using a different PC account, you can stay logged into the social media and mail accounts associated with your website. It took me a while to realize how much time I was actually wasting by switching between personal and website-associated accounts. For every site you own, you probably have between 5-10 associated accounts; Google account, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, forum accounts, affiliate programs …?
Also, remembering or finding your passwords for each of these. Total mess. Using a different PC account that stays logged into everything you need, will save you a LOT of time and annoyance.

Less distractions

Being logged into my website-associated accounts, I get less distracted. Personal email, or social media won’t reach me now! Facebook is the exception here, as long as you have it open. This is because you need your personal account to make the best use of your business page.

When setting up a different PC account, make sure to make it as distraction-free as possible. No video games, software, or irrelevant documents on your desktop! And make sure it stays this way.

For example, this is what my desktop looks like on this PC account:


My desktop, distraction free! Also note the Batch file to open multiple links from the Practical Productivity tip #1.

Work mode engaged!

Use a different desktop background, and other personalization, for every PC account! When I see the desktop background I have set for this account, I immediately associate it with this website and with work. Like the Pavlov-effect, this works because you’ll eventually get conditioned. To me, this puts me in the right state of mind to put in some work!


A seperate PC account for every site you’re working on will improve your productivity. You don’t have to switch between your personal and website-related accounts, you can eliminate distractions, and it conditions you to get into work mode.

Are you using different PC accounts when working on your websites? Or have any other practical productivity tips to share? Let me know!

One thought on “Use a different PC account (Practical Productivity tip #2)

  1. JP

    Great protip Guido!

    As you said, it’s important to go into “work mode” and let go of the leisure mode to get things done.

    Myself, I make music and try my hardest to close all unnecessary applications that keep me from doing good work. In the future, I will definitely set up a totally new dedicated computer for work only, with no additional software installed.



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