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What is w3schools?

W3schools is an informational website where you can learn all about web development. They have tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and JQuery.

How does w3schools work?

The website is divided into tutorials for each language, that are subsequently divided into chapter. Every chapter is displayed as one  webpage, and covers multiple subjects, with example code for each subject. For every subject, there is a button labeled ‘Try it Yourself’, which takes you to their Tryit Editor, where you can practice by editing their example code, and can see the results by clicking the ‘See Result’ button.


A chapter on HTML headings.



The Tryit Editor where you can try out code.


At the end of every chapter page, there are a couple of exercises you can try. Clicking on an exercise brings you to a page similar to the Tryit Editor, but now also displays a specific excercise. You complete the exercise by editing the code according to the instructions, and click on the ‘Show results’ button. Once you’ve clicked the ‘Show results’ button, the correct code is displayed on the left. If your code is the same as the correct code, you have succesfully completed the exercise.


You can pick multiple exercises at the end of each chapter.



Doing an exercise on w3schools.



Showing the answer – I got it right!



W3schools website
Their YouTube Channel with instructional videos.

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