Web hosting with cPanel, the basics – Five quick tutorials

By | July 20, 2015

If you’re interested in getting web hosting, I definitely recommend signing up for hosting with cPanel. CPanel gives you full control, and allows you to easily do things like setting up email, redirecting a domain, access your files and databases.

If you’re looking for webhosting with cPanel, I recommend using Hostgator. To get the best deal with Hostgator, be sure to read this article I wrote on it: Cheapest way to get Hostgator hosting.

Once you’ve got web hosting with cPanel, you still need to know how to use it. Because cPanel gives full control, this also means it might there are tons of options, which can be overwhelming at first. Don’t worry though, it’s not that scary. In this article I’ll get you familiar with cPanel by showing the 5 most common and basic things you’ll need to use cPanel for, in an easy-to-follow video format.

1. Adding domains to your hosting account

If you have a hosting package that allows you to host multiple domains, you’ll have to add additional domains to it manually. This video tutorial shows you how it’s done.

2. Installing WordPress

Once you’ve got all of your domains added to your hosting account, you probably want to start building your websites. The easiest way to build a website, in my opinion, is using WordPress. However, you first need to install WordPress to your domains. Here’s how to do just that, using cPanel.

For more information on using WordPress, check out my WordPress tutorials. For a full tutorial on building a website using WordPress, see this article for a step-by-step guide.

3. Setting up an email address for your website

With your website up and running, you’ll probably want people to be able to contact you. An e-mail address using the “you@yourwebsite.com”-format will look the most professional, and make the most sense. To set up email for your website, you’ll need to use cPanel again.

Here are the full instructions:

4. Adding your email address to an email client

You can use cPanel itself to access your email. But, it’s way more convenient to add the email address to an email client that you’re already using, as this will save you some time. In this tutorial, I’m showing how to add it to Windows Live Mail.

If you want to add it to another email client, just click another email client at 0:35, the process is almost the same for most clients.

5. Setting up domain redirection

Moved your website to a new domain name? Or maybe you want to use a memorable domain name that you can redirect to a specific webpage, or even to an affiliate link? Then you’ll have to set up domain redirection, which can be done in about a minute of work!


You now know the basics of using cPanel. If you have any other questions regarding cPanel, let me know!


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